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Mobile Apps|White Label Android App for cinema

According to statistics, the number of smartphone users in the world is increasing every year, and Ukrainians are also active users. First of all, this is due to the development of the functional mobile device, which now can almost everything. It has many of the necessary functions for communication, work and entertainment. The ability for such multitasking smartphones provide mobile applications. The turning point in which humanity received sophisticated smartphones with “phones”, “cinemas”, “messages”, “stores” instead of simple phones with primitive features and was the start of the development of the mobile application market.

Mobile applications are an important business tool that offers customers the opportunity to purchase certain services, order something and find some fun for their free time.

These applications are becoming more popular because they:

  • easy to use
  • fast
  • do not use a lot of Internet traffic (compared to walled web pages that are even too slow with the best internet speed)
  • Make it easy to pay for services

Due to their convenience and functionality, they increase the loyalty and profit of the institutions they use.

In view of all of the above benefits, we have created the Adrenaline Mobile Cinema, which is the fastest link between the cinema and its visitors.

You can download it on Google Play:

The application is convenient for customers:

  • view current and upcoming movie shows
  • book seats and pay tickets
  • read descriptions and watch movie trailers

Our application is unique, it is created for cinema users and fully satisfies their needs. In addition, it is flexible for use, and is ready to work with any cinema.

We offer the White Label service, which includes:

  • writing API for the application (providing data transfer from the cinema database)
  • branding application according to corporate style (color change and logo)
  • refinement of the functional according to your needs and wishes

This way the app will be ready for use by your institution’s clients as soon as possible!