Synchronization of sites with 1С

What is 1C

1C is a versatile program that allows you to maintain all types of accounting. The history of its development is long-lasting. Initially, it was a separate program that allowed the construction of an accounting balance. At the moment, it has grown into 1C-Enterprise and has become a complex of accounting programs.

Why is it needed?

In order to understand all the convenience and necessity of synchronization with 1C, let’s consider its main advantages:

  • clear and consistent accounting

After synchronizing an online store with the 1C system, you will considerably simplify your accounting process. All necessary operations will be automatically recorded, and you will not have to manually enter any expenses or earnings. Accordingly, the system will itself control how many items are left in the warehouse – and transfer these data to the site. Due to this, the catalog will be updated quickly and easily in terms of assortment and prices. This will save you from many inconveniences and conflicts. For example, an unpleasant situation is common: a customer orders a certain position, and it is not already in stock, but the client did not know about it because you did not manage to update the directory. Also, it often happens that the customer buys a product, the price of which is not relevant. But thanks to the 1C program, the timely synchronization of cost and orders will allow you to adjust the upgrade process.

  • reduce staff costs

To manage the site many hire several administrators who make changes, update the directory, communicate with customers, process orders and so on. It is quite expensive and not every entrepreneur can afford to keep several employees. But do not refuse it because of an online store! If you want to reduce costs, integrating with 1C can be extremely useful. By connecting this system, you automate a lot of processes, so managing a site will be much easier. At the same time, everything will be carried out with high efficiency, and the quality of service not only will not suffer, but will be much higher.

  • increase profits

It would seem that how can an online store integration with 1C affect sales? As it turned out, there is a clear relationship between operational service and customer loyalty. The faster you process their order, the more likely they will come back to you. In addition, you will work as quickly and consistently as possible with dealers, determining which products are best marketed to order them in a timely manner. In 1C, very convenient statistics, which allows you to make the right conclusions for the successful management of sales. Another plus – up to 1C can connect an unlimited number of online stores, respectively, increasing the number of sales and customer loyalty. The benefit is also to reduce costs. By reducing the staff costs, you greatly increase the efficiency of managing the store. And the cost of integration pays off in about 1-2 months.

Benefits of 1C for business

As already mentioned, 1C has significant business benefits:

  •    possibility of automatic updating of prices and goods balances
  •    clear and consistent accounting
  •    the presence of a single technological platform
  •    increase the efficiency of the online store and its profit
  •    accessibility

How do we connect 1C

Connecting the 1C program to your online store takes place in three stages. The first step is to connect the 1C system to your online store. This is one of the most complex processes, because it is necessary to carry out a lot of responsible work, so that in the future the system worked as a coherent mechanism.

At the second stage, you need to analyze the further work of the online store, so that in the future, he brought only a profit. The third stage of the connection is the most interesting. At this stage, all the necessary scripts are integrated and all products of the online store are downloaded along with their images, descriptions and prices.

An example of a store with 1C you can see in our portfolio!

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