What is AMP and who needs it?

It’s hard to imagine a person without a smartphone or tablet. These modern mobile gadgets have been closely intertwined with our lives and have permanently changed the way we get information. But nobody is perfect. That’s why the mobile Internet should also develop. Sometimes it may seem that websites on a mobile device open longer than on a stationary PC somewhere in the far 2004.

The publishers of newspapers and magazines also noticed this awkward feature. Not every reader or  user will wait long time for the page to be downloaded. Therefore, Google’s search engine giant created an AMP project to accelerate the download of mobile device pages.

What is AMP?

Accelerated mobile pages is an accelerated mobile page technology which allows to significantly simplify a web page and make it faster to download.

AMP technology consists of:

– AMP HTML, this is the usual HTML language for us, which still has its own peculiarities. Some tags are replaced by equivalent, and some are completely forbidden to use.

– AMP JS, uses only its own js-library and allows an asynchronous loading of elements

– Google AMP Cache, indexing the AMP page, the search engine caches its content and displays content from a user to its own servers, not from your website.

The process of connecting pages with AMP is rather  a lengthy process. Its development takes about 50 hours. It all starts with the creation of a category-based and alias-type AMP prototype. After creating the prototype, the HTML page template of the category under the AMP logo format prefixes the product, namely the photo, name, price, and filters. The next steps are to provide micro-markup content and the creation of AMP pages of categories and aliases, along with writing a method for forming URLs with an AMP parameter. In the future, after the integration of filters, it is ensured that the cached content will be updated when the database is updated and Google verified and the final release.

Advantages of pages with AMP

* Instant download without long wait

* showing the page in the first lines of Google Search

* easy use on mobile devices


AMP is the best solution for:

* online stores

* blogs

* news websites

Check out the page and the order of connecting AMP for your own website or blog now!