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Such web-pages are among the most difficult projects, because they require developers to pay attention to vast amounts of characteristics, which have to be realized. A web-page must contain a lot of information which is crucial for users. They don’t want to spend much time or effort to find something they need, and it doesn’t matter if it is a name of work that will be on next exhibition, or one year old lectures on topic users are interested in. But when developers care too much about informativity, it becomes very easy to make other mistakes, such as overloaded pages with large variety of unimportant data, making it complicated to find information you really need. Everything significant should be available immediately, from the first glance, and not being hidden behind a visual garbage.

That’s why balance of information is so important for SoftWest group, it is our credo. Our developers will fulfill all your wishes according to this balance, that’s why we are the best choice.

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